Intermediate Argentine Tango

Thursdays 9–10pm  |  Washington Dance Club, 1012 Stewart (Stewart & Boren), Seattle, Washington
Individuals  $12/class ($48/month)  |  Vets/Armed Forces FREE with paying partners!  |  NO CLASS IN JUNE OR JULY, BACK IN AUGUST – register online

This year we are focusing on the various forms of connection in Argentine tango – the multi-faceted connection between the partners (the real reason we put on our shoes), the connection to the music, and the connection – transition – from one step to the next and one moment to the next. Each of these aspects will be explored, explained, experimented with, and enjoyed. Argentine tango is a dance you can own completely once you acquire the building blocks of correct technique and mutual awareness. With that foundation, you can shape and transform the motion of two bodies into one, at one with the music. Dance with your heart and your feet will follow. And lead. We’ll show you ways to connect to make the dance feel fantastic for you and your partner in arms.

Special for April! We are teaching the basics you’ll need to get out and dance a close-embrace milonga. The milonga is the fast-paced, frisky version of tango (see . Milonga steps are the same or variations of regular tango steps, only faster and often include syncopated triple steps called traspies (tras-pee-ays). Because the follow’s response must be so quick, this dance is actually easier to lead and follow in close embrace than in open style where the extra distance imposes a time lag in the physical connection between the partners. It’s also much easier to discern the lead of the quick and subtle traspie steps. To truly enjoy milongas you need strong connections with your partner and the music; we’ll help you make that happen. I was terrified of dancing milongas for years – the pace seemed so relentless. Now I love milongas – I wish they lasted longer!

Note: We reserve the right to cancel class if there are fewer than four paying students (the minimum to cover floor fees). Because all students are walk-ins (no online registration), we won’t know until class time if it’s a go.